Things You Should Do In Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingRanking and you’re not in the top ten results earthen the top five results and then run airport through local site submit to show the issues with their current marketing efforts and what local sites amid doe sis it will look at all the citations sources for the client a look at their online reputation and it will give you nice customized report to say hey this is why your website’s not ranking and of course as you do that it becomes very easy to roll into here’s our service offering here’s.

what we can bring to the table here’s how we’ll bridge this gap so let’s go through some of the high-level steps and in the next video I’m going to drill down and really show you exactly how to conduct this research but the first is keyword research and I’m going to suggest that you start with your imagination so regardless if you’re dealing with a dentist a roofer chiropractor or any other local local marketing a local company you can use your imagination to some extent to say okay what would I type in if I needed dentist.

Dentist dental services tooth pain etc and then you’ll be able to take that small list and plug it into the Google search tool and there’s a free tool on Google it’s called the Google search tool you put in your keywords Google looks against the Ad Words data and will say okay these are actually tether most common search keywords along those lines and so it spits out a really nice list of keywords and you can kind of whittle that down and come up with your shortlist of the money words or the most searched words because if you’re selling local internet marketing services really the foundation of that is what are people typing into Google and Yahoo and Sing when they need your type of services and what needs.

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