Things To Know About Seo Company Los Angeles Ca

Things To Know About SEONeed a product or service it doesn’t matter what it is you know carpet cleaning limousine real estate the nearest cafe a new website you know an SEO guy it doesn’t matter they’re going to use google all right google is the most powerful popular way to extract.

Information from the internet I’m sure you guys know this that’s why your new web design business ninety-six percent of them are going to click from the very first page only four percent go to the second page okay so if you’re not on page one you might as well be on page all right so to find you guys someone naturally would be searching you know web designs Los Angeles they could search web design.

company in Los Angeles but web design would be the most common keyword that the consumer would be using okay so as you already know this is the maps the google map section and this is the organics okay and our goal is always to get in the top three of both and do we succeed every time yes we do so let me show you this real quick so if you’re ranked number one in the organic you.

corner up to about thirty-five seo company los Angeles ca percent of the total clicks on that one page if you’re number one in maps that’s also about to so you can potentially corner up to seventy percent of all of the clicks to your business just by being at the top of that one keyword okay again that’s that one keyword now of course as you already know there are tons and tons of keywords.

people type all kinds of stuff to find the services in their area of course there are the most popular one which we’re capable of identifying so you know google ad word planner does a great job at identifying these keywords so in the los Angeles area web design.

Gets searched an average of , times per month that’s just that one keyword okay but overall someone is looking for a web designer or web design company or something to that.

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